katherine2012My name is Katherine and I started this blog to share my baking, cooking and, sometimes, life experiences. I find it hard to describe myself in a paragraph, so when my daughter came home with an assignment to write an “I Am” poem, I realized that was the perfect solution:

I am a wife to Louis
I am a mother to Emma, Julia and Daniel
I am a pastry chef
I am a preschool teacher
I am an editor, recipe tester and food writer
I am an athlete
I am the family fun organizer and scheduler
I am the family chauffeur
I am our family cook (most nights)
I am a licensed ferry boat captain
I am a dedicated volunteer (school, Girl Scouts, soccer coach, etc., etc.)
I am a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center)
I am an amateur photographer (hope to get better at that!)
I am passionate about baking and cooking and want to share my experiences with you.

My passion for baking developed at an early age when I sampled my way through every family party, trying all the treats prepared by my talented grandmother and mother. I love to eat desserts, so I learned to make them at The French Culinary Institute.  I worked in some top name restaurants and bakeries in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but hung up my chef apron when my husband and I moved to Connecticut. I combined my previous editing career with my baking skills and started food writing, recipe testing and food styling for national magazines. We also started a family which slowed me down a bit. Now I am a full-time Mom, part-time preschool teacher (yes, I bake and cook with the children each week!), and a freelance food professional. Add food blogger to that list. I have a lot of interests, but food I love. I look forward to sharing my food adventures and crazy life with you.

Why Moonlight Kitchen?

Like many of you, my days are packed with the things of life— work, cooking meals, chores, homework, running errands, shuttling kids, etc.— so I don’t get many daylight hours to do what I like to do. I use moonlight hours to feed my passion. And occasionally I sleep more than 6 hours a night.

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