Cherry Milkshakes


This is more of a revelation than a full-blown recipe post. A revelation, as in why have I never made this before? A cherry milkshake— my new favorite milkshake, ever.

I read a post on the site Orangette about a sour cherry milkshake and couldn’t “shake” (excuse the pun) the idea. A few hot days later, I had Bing cherries in the fridge and vanilla ice cream in the freezer. Voila! A decadent and delicious afternoon treat for my kids and I.

Here’s what you need:

Handful of cherries (I used Bing but I am sure any variety would work), washed
Several scoops of vanilla ice cream

Here’s what you do:

1. Pit the cherries. I have a cherry pitter which my son loved helping out with. You could also slice off the end of a cherry and push out the pit with your fingers.


2. Put cherries and ice cream in the blender and puree. Isn’t that the most beautifully colored milkshake?


3. Pour into glasses, add a straw and enjoy.


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