Maple Syrup and Cake



That’s right, maple syrup and cake have been new and noteworthy in my kitchen in the last couple of weeks. Not together, although a maple syrup frosting would be delicious on an apple or an apple-spice cake. Hmm. Also, it is wonderful on top of oatmeal (and pancakes of course) and I bet it’d be good drizzled over vanilla ice cream. And my daughter wants me to make maple syrup cookies. My brain is very busy coming up with ways to use the first batch of the amazingly tasty homemade maple syrup that my husband and family made last week. Though the weather turned frosty again this week, we did have about a week of above freezing temperatures and for the first time, we tapped our maple trees.

We have lived in our ordinary suburban neighborhood for over a decade and never tried making maple syrup. My husband, Lou, decided this was the year. On our modest plot of land, we have a lot of sugar and norway maple trees. I love these trees. They provide shade all summer (don’t even need to slather sunblock on my kids), vibrant colors and giant leaf piles in the fall, and now, as winter turns to spring, they provide the makings of maple syrup.

Here is a quick photo journal of our first run of sap.


Drilling a hole into the maple.


Getting the first taste of sap. Yes it is slightly sweet.



Hammering a tap into the hole.


Running lines into a collection bucket.



Ready and waiting for the sap to flow.


First boil using our fire pit and a turkey fryer. It took all day and into the night.


As we get closer to syrup the boiling moves inside.


The next morning, pancakes were flipped and syrup was doled out. YUM!

I understand the weather will again warm up some time in March and we hope to get more sap and more syrup. I want to treat it more like an ingredient and less like gold. More to come on maple syrup recipes….

Last week I also made a first birthday cake for a family celebrating in a big way. I love to make cakes for people. I want everyone to know that a cake really can be delicious and beautiful at the same time. Sadly, that has not been my experience when partaking in many store bought and even bakery bought cakes.

This cake, as requested, had many elements to it that came together wonderfully: vanilla and chocolate butter cakes with pastry cream and berries as filling. Homemade Italian meringue buttercream to cover the cake and fondant decorations to make it look like a party cake.



Thanks for joining me on a picture walk of the last couple of weeks in my kitchen. I have lots of recipes to blog about so stay-tuned for more.

2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup and Cake

  1. I think it is wonderful that the children were able to take part in the slow process of making food. Too many children these days think everything is quick and easy. Making your own food truly makes you appreciate it more. These children are lucky enough to be part of the process and then enjoy the product. Kudos to you and your family!

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